Just over a week to go

So, there’s just over a week to go before the big day. We are surprisingly calm about the whole wedding thing. I guess when you know you’re making the right decision and tying the knot with the person you love, there’s nothing to be nervous about.

The one lingering issue is that we haven’t written our vows. It’s surprising – to me, at least – that the part of the wedding that’s most important is the one that we’ve procrastinated on the most. We figured out venue, invitations, clothing, food, dessert, and everything else months or weeks in advance, but with about nine days left before the wedding, we still haven’t decided what we’re going to say to one another.
Of course, there are lots of things I want to tell Heather and that I want to tell all of you about what she means to me, but we’ve promised each other and some of our guests that the ceremony will be over quick so we can all get down to partying. We’re allowing each other about a minute each, which – if I remember back to high school Speech class correctly – is about one paragraph of printed text. We’ll see what we come up with this next week…

Ultimately, Heather and I are pretty distracted at the moment. With Heather trying to finish up her last semester of school and me doing a mix of research projects, dissertation defense preparations, and preliminary steps for the move to Aarhus, our attention is really not on the wedding. This is, in retrospect, great because if all we had to worry about was the wedding, we’d probably be more worried about it. But, with our attention elsewhere, it’s been quite easy to set a few important deadlines, get everything together in a short amount of time, and then turn our attention back to our other work.

And, in that flurry of non-wedding related activity, we actually crossed an important threshold this week. I formally signed the contract for my post-doc position at the university.  It seems so strange to think that with that little stroke of a pen, I’ve committed us to a few years abroad and to all the work and adventures that will entail especially considering that we had little intention to make such a dramatic change of course now and right after our wedding.

I’m glad that we’ll be able to do something few other couples do – take our first few years of marriage as an extended vacation through the parts of Europe that we’ve missed since coming home from Spain and the other parts that we’ll get to explore for the first time together as a couple. That Heather was so willing and indeed eager to go along with what might be a completely crazy idea to leave the country for an indefinite period of time is one of the things that reminds me of why she is such a greater partner. Her optimism toward the move and support for my career are profoundly touching and have eased what I can only imagine would be an otherwise anxious international relocation.

Somewhere in those feelings there’s the kernel of some wedding vows. Now to just put them to words.


One thought on “Just over a week to go

  1. I think you’ve got a start to the vows. As Strunk and White remind us, simply “Omit Needless Words.” Let me know if you want that citation. 😉
    Seriously though- you guys are amazing together.

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