It’s true, we’re married

Okay, so the cat’s out of the bag. Heather and I had our courthouse marriage ceremony on Wednesday. As our friend Emily put it, our Sunday reception is a reverse surprise wedding. So the surprise – rather than a wedding – is that we’re already married.

The Wednesday ceremony was actually amazingly fantastic. We hadn’t known what it was going to be like going in, but we made the right choice by having Judge Kathleen Gearin perform the ceremony. She was funny, incredibly personable, and had just the right, concise marriage ceremony for us. She offered some general advice, gave an Irish blessing, and had us exchange vows and rings. I was moved and it was one of the most joyous – if not the most joyous – moment of my life thus far to formally seal the deal with Heather.

We’re so excited that friends and family are in from town and from out of town to celebrate tomorrow. It will certainly be a blast! More to post after the reception…

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