The first week

Heather and I appear to have survived the wedding. Aside from being blown away by how gorgeous Heather looked for our reception, I was astounded by how perfect the weather was for our wedding. We’d had some anxiety about a late-September wedding date, this being Minnesota and all. But, unseasonably warm temperatures made for some gorgeous photos and memories (many of them tearful) that will undoubtedly stick with me until my eventual battle with Alzheimer’s.

The weather was all the more perfect considering that temperatures suddenly plummeted this week to the 50’s Fahrenheit, which Google has just told me is 10 C. Part of learning Danish is apparently trying to remember the metric system. Looking at that number (10 C) just brought back a wave of memories of my first week in Toledo back in 2006, when the temp was 42 C and I had no idea what that meant. I kept wondering why it felt so warm. D’uh!

But anyways, the weather is cold, the leaves are really starting to fall, and Heather is back to work. Our “honeymoon” week has thus far consisted of me panicking about my research and Heather having “fun” with Bayes theorem for her decision analysis course. It’s quite literally the antithesis of a honeymoon. That said, we’re thrilled that so many people were able to join us on Sunday, that the alcohol flowed nicely, and that the food was delicious. We’ve finished all but one of the leftover cupcakes; I feel the diabetes brewing in me already.

Our attention is now turning to the big task of moving. I received the first round of immigration paperwork for Denmark, which appears to require us to pay about $800 and make a trip to New York City sometime in the next month. Fortunately, that cancelled trip to New Orleans means I’m apparently sitting on an unused, nonrefundable ticket for domestic airfare to anywhere, which we’ll presumably be using.

Wish I had more to say, but the post-wedding festivities largely consisted of sleeping, homework, and going to the grocery store. More to come, as it develops.

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