Things are falling into place

It has been quite a while since we’ve posted. Sorry for that. With Heather finishing up school right now, she’s been swamped with papers, homework, exams, and her internship at the Minnesota Department of Health. That said, we’ve made some more progress in the move.

Indeed, two weeks ago we signed a lease for a one-bedroom apartment in northern Aarhus that we’ll be subletting through the end of the summer. We’re looking forward to seeing it in-person in January and will post pictures when they’re available. Last week we also received our official residence permits for Denmark, so we are permitted to stay there and work until December, 2015, which should be plenty of time for my post-doc and whatever work we’re able to find for Heather.

So, with a flight booked for the middle of January, we’re starting to get serious about packing up our life. We’ve started making our first round of donations to Goodwill and are finding new homes for some of the things we can neither pack or put in storage. Things are getting “real” it would seem.

And, today we were blessed with a beautiful Minnesota snow storm that gave us about 10″ of snowfall here in Shoreview. Some pictures below. More soon.


Snow in Trees

Snow Path

Heather in Snow