Up, up, and away we go!

Terrifyingly, the move to Denmark is upon us. We are nearly almost packed. There are still many open boxes to be topped off with the final remnants of our American lives, but the material we’re bringing to Denmark has been nicely heaped on the floor awaiting last minute shoving into suitcases.

I had aspirations of documenting this move a bit better. I always look back on my past moves (from my parents’ house to Middlebrook Hall, from there back home, from home to Spain and back again, from there to my college apartment, and the various Chicago-related moves) as frantic endeavors that would have been nice to have recorded for my future self to look back on rather than memories primarily of feverish packing of my life into the back seats of various cars. But alas, this one will pretty much be undocumented as well.

Heather is obligated in meetings today and tomorrow all day, so I’m putting most of the finishing touches on the moving process alone today. We take flight Wednesday morning from MSP to Copenhagen, with a short layover in Newark. From there, we have a long layover in Copenhagen before taking a pond-hopper to Aarhus. We’ve paid for our temporary housing in Aarhus (where we’re staying until the first of February), so hopefully the landing in our new home city should be smooth.

The first week in Aarhus is already shaping up to a busy one. This Friday, Heather and I have to run a bunch of errands, including registering our presence in the country so as to not be immediately deported, signing up for the Danish social security system, and picking our new doctor. Beyond that we also have to scrounge food for the first few days, open bank accounts, and find cellphones. I also have work obligations, like setting up payroll so we can have money on which to live.

It should be hectic for the next few days, but I’m hoping we’ll take some pictures and get them uploaded here or to facebook so that y’all can keep track of us as we progress across the Atlantic. The next post here should be from Denmark.

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