The Machine of Washing

Thomas and I have been here almost two weeks now, so naturally it was time to investigate doing a little laundry. First of all, you have to go outside the building to the creepy basement door to get into the laundry room. Once I got there, this is what I saw:

IMAG0859        IMAG0857

So, not only did you have to do something with the dial, there were additional button choices. Notice everything is in Celsius as well, which I’m obviously familiar with…or not. Not having any pressing afternoon plans, I took pictures and started Google Translating all the words.

In Danish, the word ‘slut’ means ‘end.’ Ok, easy enough, that was probably the end of the cycle. ‘Uld’ is wool and ‘finvask’ are your delicates. Then things got a little more confusing. ‘Strygelet’ was translated as ‘easy care,’ whatever that means. ‘Koge kulortvask’ was first translated as ‘cooking linen,’ but you can click on the translation to see alternative translations. This was helpful because one of the alternatives was ‘colored laundry,’ which made a little more sense given the context. I’m not really sure what any of the settings under ‘combiprogram’ did; I thought it best to stick to what looked like the major settings.

Eventually, the dial was spun, much like a roulette wheel, and additional buttons pushed. I’m happy to report everything turned out just fine. Nothing exploded or turned pink. Thomas and I are moving to our more permanent place later this week and I look forward to doing more Danish laundry from the comfort of our bathroom. (The washer in the new place is in the bathroom.)


4 thoughts on “The Machine of Washing

  1. I love the clashes with everyday problems. Way to figure it out! I think I would have just pushed buttons until it lite up brightly and started spurting water. I know I’ll remember forevermore that “slut” means “end”. 🙂

  2. You’ve made me laugh!! I remember the first time I went into Danish shop to get milk. Milk is milk – right?!! There was so many different types I had to go get a friend to show me which was the plain milk!!
    I wish you happy times in Arhus; it’s a beautiful place. I have some wonderful friends there……… am a bit envious 🙂

  3. I’ve been living in Denmark for 8 years, and only just really started wondering what the other options on the machine are… You should re-start your blogging efforts, never know who you’re helping.

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