Night at the Museum -ARoS style

ARoS 6On Valentine’s Day, Thomas and I went to ARoS, the art museum here, to see the special Edvard Munch exhibition “Angst/Anxiety” that is closing this week. If you are familiar with his artwork, this may not seem like the most romantic Valentine’s Day date we could have chosen. (In case you are wondering, no, Danish people do not appear to celebrate Valentine’s Day in any way, shape, or form.)

ARoS 4

Behind me is one of Munch’s more recognized works, “The Scream,” which, I believe, was featured in a car commercial a few years ago. Overall, the exhibition was very good, there were a variety of pieces, not all of them angst/anxiety inspiring. He also did a lot of woodcuts, which were usually versions of his paintings. The woodcuts were interesting because there were multiple prints of each cut, with their own distinct coloring. Here, is an example of a woodcut.  Additionally, each room had descriptions of where the artist was living and what was happening in his life when he created each piece, which was helpful contextual information.

After Munch time, we decided to visit one of the museum’s more fanciful exhibits, “Your Rainbow Panorama.”

ARoS 2

ARoS 5ARoS 1

If ever in Denmark, I would highly recommend visiting, the view of the city is spectacular, especially through the rose, and other colored, glass. Thomas could bring you for free because he is now an elite member of ARoS Klubben (ok, maybe not so elite, they will let anyone in). Since we now have unlimited access to the museum, we thought we would return when it was less crowded to go through the rest of the exhibits.

We also had dinner at the cafe, which was very good. The only thing I can think to complain about was the cannon in the exhibit in the basement of the museum going off every hour or so and scaring the crap out of everyone.  There is also a ‘fancy’ restaurant on the top floor of the museum, which we plan on trying since the Klubben membership also entitles us to a foodie discount.

ARoS 3ARoS 7

4 thoughts on “Night at the Museum -ARoS style

  1. His artwork does reak of melancholy but there is a hit of hope in most of them. Sounds like a good time even though you are right, not my first choice for a V-day celebration. :O)
    So enjoy reading you and Thomas’ thoughts and experiences, thank you. Love you both!

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