Return to the Inferno

Thomas and I went back to the art museum in Aarhus to finish the exhibits we had missed when we were there last time. In case I didn’t mention it before, the art museum has a spiral stair case, which is supposed to allude to Dante’s decent.

ARoS 3

At the end of the decent are nine rooms with different “in progress” art installations. The number alludes to the 9 circles of hell and the entire exhibit is painted black with minimal lighting. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, we found this. No words.


Then we moved on to Klien/Byars/Kapoor exhibition, which I enjoyed because it was an impressive use of color and light.





Part of the Kapoor installation was a cannon that fired a ball of wax every 30 minutes. If you were somewhere else in the museum and didn’t know about the cannon, it was a heart attack waiting to happen.


After our short, but sweet, trip to the museum, we decided to check out Sct. Oluf’s restaurant, which serves French fare. The menu is essentially fixed, but you get your choice of entree (meat or fish) and dessert. The three course menu was solid, classic French cooking, and reasonably priced (as reasonably priced as a meal in Denmark can be, given the high taxes).

Yesterday we visited R&T, Thomas’s colleague and his partner, for coffee and cake. We had a great time, learned a bit more about Denmark and Danish culture and impressed them with our singing rendition of “50 Nifty United States.” All in all, not a bad four day weekend!