Botanisk Have and other happenings

It was a beautiful day in Aarhus yesterday, so Thomas and I decided to visit the botanic garden, which it turns out is basically just a giant park where the Aarhusians hang out with a minimal amount of actual “garden.” We did find a few nice flowers.



We also made a stop downtown to pick up a new coffee press because ours had an accident. (P.S. Drip coffee makers are not very common here.)


Then we stopped by Cafe Jorden to get a refreshing beverage before we made our way home. It was a very Euro Saturday.

In other news:

  • Thomas and I both passed our Module 1 Danish test, we’re now Module 2 students!
  • Had a nice dinner with a bunch of Thomas’s colleagues. Realized that we still don’t speak or understand Danish that well.
  • We got invited to our first Danish birthday party next week, which should be fun.
  • Heather is taking a belly dance class taught by a Hungarian in English to a mostly Danish class.
  • Thomas went to Boston and came back. Heather got a shirt out of the deal.
  • We will be back in Minnesota in a few weeks!!

4 thoughts on “Botanisk Have and other happenings

  1. So excited for you guys to be here!!!! I hope Heather shows Sarah and I some Hungarian/Danish bellydancing moves when she’s down here… 😉

  2. We love hearing about your experiences. It brings back a lot of memories. It’s good you can come back to MN for awhile this summer. You need a break once in awhile, especially in the beginning. We used to go to London every once in awhile just to hear English and the shopping was good also. I hope the weather in MN will be nice while you are here. We have been having what we call Belgian days. It has either been raining or looking like it is going to rain almost everyday in May. Take care, Karen (cousin)

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